Welcome. Thank you for visiting the website of Therapeutic Harp Australia.

This website will introduce you to my service and provide contact details to contact me. However, in 2019 I will be announcing a new business name, website and offering more opportunities for you to learn to play the harp so please come back!

For the past 12 years I have been offering a therapeutic harp service across Canberra. The harp is a simple beautiful instrument well suited to healthcare. For centuries its warm tones have been used to promote feelings of wellbeing, peace, deep rest, comfort, sanctuary and beauty.

In recent years there has been a renaissance in using the harp as a complementary therapy. Harp practitioners are now being trained to offer compassionate care and music in both healthcare and in the wider community. It is a unique profession combining knowledge of music, medicine, spiritual and holistic care

photo with patient               

I  am a certified therapeutic harpist, Creative Arts Therapist  and registered counsellor working in Canberra Australia. For 12 years I have been working to develop a integrated therapeutic harp practice and have qualifications in Therapeutic Harp, clinical musicianship, nursing, counselling,spiritual care mindfulness meditation and art therapy.

I am passionate in both promoting and offering this service. I am an independent practitioner working both privately and contracting into healthcare facilities.

Currently, I am supported in my work at the Canberra Hospital by donations made to the “Therapeutic Harp Program” These donations are administered by the Canberra Hospital Foundation. I am also very grateful for the ongoing support  from Dry July, The Centenary Womens and Children’s Hospital and the Canberra Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary.

Any  donations to continue providing the service at the Canberra Hospital would be greatly appreciated. For further information on how to donate to the Therapeutic harp program please go to the following  page:


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like further information


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